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Greeley Tribune
Michael Fields: Amendment B is a tax hike, vote 'No'
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Here's how much money Colorado business groups are spending toward Gallagher Amendment repeal
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A Breakdown of Amendment B and How it Could Impact Montrose
Colorado Politics
2016's blue wave is now a women's wave
Opinion - Bob Hullinghorst Amendment B would increase taxes
Colorado Politics
Amendment B would leave property taxes unchecked
Fort Morgan Times
Amendment B, a hefty tax hike will affect us all
The Gazette
Protect Colorado Taxpayers; vote 'no' on B
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Lets Just Vote: Colorado will decide on Amendment B
Repealing Gallagher is a bad idea that will cost you big bucks
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Reject Gallagher Repeal
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NFIB Quantifies Hidden Taxes Within Gallagher
KCNC TV Shaun Boyd -
Reality Check on Amendment B
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High-profile ballot measure flooded with out of state campaign cash
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Editorial : Amendment B Overcorrects; Vote No
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Gorman; Amendment B Leaves Property Owners Without Tax Protections 
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What's Amendment B: Gallagher repeal and property tax change
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Jon Caldara and Ross discuss prop 116 (tax cut) and Amendment B (Gallagher)
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Ferry: Vote No on Amendment B
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Guest Opinion: Vote no on Amendment B
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Fight Over Gallagher Amendment Could Impact Your Checkbook, And Your Fire Department's Budget
The Ross Kamisky Show -
Fmr CO State Senator Ron Stewart on why he opposes Amendment B
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Advice on 2020 Colorado Ballot Measures
Durango Herald - 
Letters: Gallagher repeal language is deceitful
Colorado Sun -
Amendment B Explained: What repealing the Gallagher Amendment would mean for Colorado
and your property taxes
All Things Considered
Biz West - 
Complicated Gallagher; Voters asked to repeal property-tax regulator
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Guest Commentary 
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Hudson | Repeal Gallagher? Too Many Unknowns
Boulder Daily Camera - 
Dave Gardner | Amendment B May Raise your Property Taxes
Colorado Politics -
COUNTERPOINT | Amendment B socks it to homeowners
Denver Gazette - 
Amendment B Opens Door to Special Interests
Sentinel Colorado -
Letter: The Money Gallagher saves residential taxpayers isn't pocket change
Real Vail -
Let’s talk Gallagher
Summit Daily - 
Letter to the editor: Don’t be fooled by misleading 1A ballot language
9 News - 
What is the Gallagher Amendment? The property tax law is up for a vote in Colorado
Aurora Sentinel -
EDITORIAL: Ending ‘Gallagher’ alone is the wrong fix for Colorado’s tax quagmire: No on Amendment B
Boulder Daily Camera -
Letter to the Editor
Complete Colorado -
Hullinghorst: No on Amendment B; the case against repealing Gallagher
Colorado Sun Article - 

Rewrite of Gallagher Amendment repeal explanation in Colorado’s state-issued voter guide leads to lawsuit

Protect Our Homes Colorado,” which opposes Amendment B, has filed a lawsuit seeking to halt the printing of the so-called blue book until changes are made

9 News Article -

Lawsuit asks to halt printing of Blue Book over concerns about wording of Gallagher Amendment repeal

The state is supposed to print the Blue Book this week after its wording was approved by the nonpartisan Legislative Council.

Post Independent - 

Repealing Gallagher could help government budget shortfalls at cost to homeowners

For Colorado’s local governments to continue providing similar levels of service, the Gallagher Amendment will need to be repealed, the Garfield County assessor said at Tuesday’s Garfield County Board of County Commissioners meeting. 

The Daily Sentinel -

Measure to repeal Gallagher Amendment would lead to higher property taxes

Amendment B, the measure on this fall’s ballot to repeal the Gallagher Amendment, starts out saying that property tax rates would be frozen and not increase, but that doesn’t mean homeowners won’t end up paying more in property taxes.

Complete Colorado -

Hullinghorst: No on Amendment B; the case against repealing Gallagher

Amid a contentious election year and global pandemic, voters deserve to understand what we’re voting for and how it will affect us. One ballot measure, proposed Amendment B, will hit home harder than the rest. If passed, Amendment B will repeal the Gallagher Amendment and increase your property taxes.

Colorado Public Radio -

Opponents To Property Tax Ballot Measure Say Lawmakers Manipulated Nonpartisan Voter Guide

Coloradans will be asked this fall whether to repeal the Gallagher Amendment, a provision in the state constitution that caps residential property tax rates.

Channel 7 News - 

Group opposing Gallagher Amendment repeal files emergency restraining order against voter guide

Colorado Politics -

Opponents of Gallagher ballot measure sue to halt Blue Book printing


Opponents of a proposed Colorado ballot measure to repeal the Gallagher Amendment went to court Wednesday to seek an emergency restraining order to delay printing of the taxpayer-funded Blue Book.

Fox 31 News - 

Opponents of repealing the Gallagher Amendment file a restraining order


DENVER (KDVR) – A measure asking voters to repeal Colorado’s Gallagher Amendment, which aimed to keep property taxes low but failed to fully fund fire departments and schools, is facing a restraining order by an opposition group. 

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