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REJECT THE LIE! - Don't let special interests raise your property taxes!

Corporations want to pay less so YOU can pay more!





What is The Gallagher Amendment?

The Gallagher Amendment was added to the Colorado Constitution in order to limit property taxes paid by residential property owners and renters.  It has worked.  Since  1982 The Gallagher Amendment has saved homeowners/renters $35 Billion.  This an average savings over the last 38 years of $16,670 per homeowner/renter in Colorado.  Businesses tried to repeal the Gallagher Amendment in 1992 and 80% of voters rejected the repeal.  But businesses are now asking for repeal again.   For more information click here.

Why do Corporate Special Interests Want to Repeal The Gallagher Amendment?


Businesses want to pay less taxes and have homeowners and renters pay more! Even though Colorado is rated as having the fourth best business environment in the country, businesses still want more.  Repealing the Gallagher Amendment will shift $2.25 billion in taxes from businesses to homeowners/renters over the next 5 years. For additional information click here

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What does Repeal of The Gallagher Amendment Mean to YOU??


The repeal of the Gallagher Amendment will increase property taxes for homeowners/renters by at least $450.566 million each year for at least the next five years, according to a report given to the Colorado Legislature by the Colorado Property Tax Administrator. Homeowners/ Renters will have an increase of at least $2.25billion of additional property taxes over the next five years. 

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With the Current Pandemic Economic Conditions – Do Special Interests even Understand or Care about Average Coloradans?

Amendment B Was Written in Obscure and Deceitful Language to Trick Colorado Voters

For 38 years the Gallagher Amendment has kept residential property taxes low by ensuring that homeowners/renters only paid 45% of all property tax collected by the State of Colorado - 45% by residential property tax and 55% by nonresidential property tax. If the amount of money raised by nonresidential property tax goes down, then the residential tax rate declines to keep that 45/55 ratio in place.

In 2021, according to estimates from the Tax Administrator of the State of Colorado, the tax rate for residential property will  need to be lowered from the current 7.2% rate to 5.88% to keep the 45/55 ratio in place. Amendment B would leave the rate property at 7.2%. This 1.4% difference, mandated by the Gallagher Amendment, which will not happen if Amendment B passes, will cost homeowners and renters $203,781,937 in additional taxes this year, and every year after that. 

The sneaky drafters of Amendment B don't want you to realize that passage of Amendment B will cost you more money that if the Gallagher Amendment stays in place. IT IS SIMPLE AS THAT!

Help Save The Gallagher Amendment

This is a fight of us homeowners/renters against Corporate Special Interest Businesses.  They have millions of dollars they are willing to spend to get their taxes lowered.  We have little or nothing.  Think about helping by sending a small donation. 

How do we defeat Big Money special interests who are trying to shift their taxes to homeowners?

In the fight between these special interests and us homeowners, we can only win when we all come together. 



  • EDUCATE - Talk to your family, friends, acquentscence, co-workers, about not Repealing Gallagher

  • POST - Use your social media 

    • Encourage fellow voters to visit our website

    • Use your social media to spread the news about what repeal of Gallagher means to homeowners

    • Use your social media to show your support  #SaveGallagher

    • Subscribe to our newsfeed

  • WRITE - Make your voice heard with letters to the editors of all the local print media

    • Use your email, texts and social media to reach out to media sources and opinion leaders about rejecting repeal of Gallagher

  • VOLUNTEER - Add your name to our growing list of supporters across Colorado and stay abreast of the latest news about the Gallagher Amendment

    • Join our Speakers' Bureau and let your community know why they need to defeat this amendment

  • DONATE - The big business supporters are going to spend millions to win - won't you help us with a small donation?

  • VOTE - Most importantly, get out on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, and SAVE GALLAGHER

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